Everything You Need to Know for Your First Visit

Before you arrive

First, schedule your appointment by either scheduling online or calling our office. Plan for your first appointment to take one hour.

You may print out the new patient forms to fill out at home, or complete it online and email it our office. If you are unable to access the paperwork, we will have it available in the office for your convenience.

Our office participates with most major insurance companies and MEDICARE.  We do not participate with MEDICAID at this time. If you would like to verify that we are a participating provider with your insurance company please contact us.


The day of your appointment

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your initial appointment to allow time for patient intake and to fill out paperwork. If you have any records or X-Rays from a previous chiropractor, please bring those with you. This may also include insurance verification and demographic information. New patient appointments take one hour and consist of taking the patient's vitals and a thorough chiropractic exam. Once the examination is complete, Dr. Hodge will decide if an X-Ray is necessary to further evaluate your condition. Depending on the results of the examination and possible X-Rays, same-day treatment may be rendered. 

Scheduling future appointments

Follow-up appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments. They can be scheduled online, by phone call, or at the front desk in the lobby of our office. Your treatment schedule will vary depending on your needs, and will be discussed with Dr. Hodge at your first appointment.

Our office, located at 130 W. Main St, Hopkins, MI